Crafting, and crafting, and crafting!

It’s almost March, which means it’s almost time for some spring cleaning!!  Almost time to freshen up your house, start new, and wait for all the pollen to fill your home!  But, I guess the snow has to stop first for spring to come, and who knows when that will happen!!  Every weekend, snow, the rest of the week, snow!  I’m getting a little snow crazy!  The only bright side to snow is that shoveling is a great substitute for traditional exercise!

Anyway, if any of you know me, you probably know I have a severe addiction to Pinterest, and more specifically, crafting.  Not that I actually do any of the crafts, but the ideas alone just excite me!  And when I saw this article from MSN, Home Decor Craft Ideas, I almost died.  A shelf made out of a skateboard?  How cool and what boy wouldn’t love that in their room?!?!  Check out the article, it’s pretty cool and it links to a few other slideshows that could distract you from a whole day’s worth of work!

Also, we have a new listing!  96 Bagdad Road in Durham is now for sale!  It’s a beautiful home, located within walking distance to the Oyster River Schools!  Go to our website and check out the virtual tour of the home!

As always, have a wonderful day and don’t forget to prepare yourself for the snow storm!  (But that doesn’t mean running to Market Basket and stocking up on frozen dinners!)


I Thought We Were Going To Have a Snow Day…!

Hello friends!

I woke up this morning expecting to shovel my car out of the driveway and instead, I found a light dusting of snow covering my car.  I’m not complaining, I HATE shoveling!  But, I know so many of you were banking on a snow day to extend their 3-day weekend, and for that I am very sorry.  I guess that’s why Mother Nature is an appropriate name for our Earth, girl changes her mind about everything!

But enough about the weather!  Let’s talk some home tips!  Coming to you from, complete with photos, is a helpful slideshow if you’re looking to remodel your bathroom!  Most important tip I think is number 9, don’t be afraid to call a pro!  I know a handful of “handymen” that really are not that handy, but they sure pretend they are!  It’s okay if fixing things isn’t your forte!  Don’t be afraid to admit it (aka Dad, I love you, you were a great policeman, but leave my shower alone!!).

So, here it is.  10 Smart Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom.  If you’re really bored, and procrastinating getting back to work, check out some of the articles on the MSN Real Estate home page.  Definitely some useful info on there!

We’ve also done some new stuff to our website <— CHECK IT OUT!

Happy Tuesday everyone!